Repair Service 

JOWAN has an excellent reputation for service and maintenance. We would love to defend that reputation. You can confidently rely on the best after-sales service and the first service maintenance of a new bike is always for free. 

Time to repair? 

As we have a serious stock of parts and spare parts, we can repair your bike usually in a reasonably short period of time. Do you have an urgent problem? Give us a call and we will see what we can do. You simply hand over your bike through the grey port (the actual exit) and we write down what needs to be done. When the bike is ready earlier than expected, we will give a call. Your bike is always stored safely. When you pick up your bike, you just enter the shop.

You didn't buy your bike at JOWAN?

Don't worry, we will also repair your bike. However, our customers always have priority and we can not guarantee that we can order the parts you need.  This means you can experience our service, but you only have to wait a bit longer. One exception: we do not repair e-bikes that you bought somewhere else. 

You bought your bike at the supermarket?

That's too bad, we do not repair these bikes because it takes too much time. We hope you purchase a bicycle from a craftsman in the future.

Jowan is recognized as: 

  • Shimano Service Centre 
  • Campagnolo Pro Shop, EPS service center and Campy Code Dealer 
  • Tacx Star Dealer 
  • Polar Battery Change Service 
  • Pioneer Monitor Pedaling System installer 
  • Rohloff dealer 

For repairing suspension forks, we rely on specialized tuning centers. However, the basic maintenance we do ourselves.

Bikepacking to Rome

Johan went from Wissant (Fr) to Rome along the Via Francigena. Some pictures of his bikepacking trip.

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