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We believe it is really important for you to be sitting comfortably on your bicycle. With this in mind we would like to suggest two methods. We use our Bike SIZING systems to do our utmost to offer you the right frame size, along with the correct stem length and saddle height. Customers may count on this service whenever they buy a new bike. The Bike FITTING system (for racing, mountain and triathlon bikes) enables us to offer an extra touch of customer service, adjusting every detail to ensure your bike is completely adapted to your body.
Read on to find out about all the details.


1. JOWAN Dynamic Bike Fitting:


For many years, the "ideal" bike position was determined via the static measuring of body sizes, after which a magic formula was used to find out the right sizes for your bike. The outcome was generally "correct" but a more dynamic, customised approach is required in the 21st century. As everybody is built differently, standard sizes do not always lead to the desired performance. People suffering pain, anxious to avoid injuries or simply want to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient cycling experience are best off with the more professional DYNAMIC BIKE FITTING system we offer. Your bike fully tailored to your body. This fitting system may be deployed when a new bike is being purchased or your current bike is being adjusted (whether bought from us or otherwise).

We are acknowledged as standing out  from the competition owing to the GURU computerised fitting tool we use. The American GURU manufacturer currently offers the most advanced bike fitting system on the market. We are, while writing this, also the first bicycle shop in the Benelux area to have one at hand. Our computerised system adjusts your position as you pedal. You can feel the difference straight away when the saddle or handlebars are adjusted by a few centimetres (or even a few millimetres).

We spent more then four days being trained by highly experienced expert fitters in London in how to perform this professional service. We use the Body Geometry Fit system from as our starting point. Towards this end, your body is examined and your position adjusted stage by stage on a tailor-made bike. A whole series of factors are taken into account to discover the position that is the most natural one for your body: the adjustment of the cleats, the setback, the saddle width, the stem length, the width of the handlebars,…Also factored in to ensure the naturally perfect position for your body are the stability of you feet, ankles and knees along with any leg length differences, back posture, neck problems,… When we use this method, we never try to "force" a position to produce a "more" aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Costing €225, the Dynamic Bike Fitting service does not cover further "alterations" to the bike (fitting specially adapted handlebars, seatpost with extra setback,…), arch supports, shims and so on. You are then provided with a clear report including advice on which new bike would be the easiest to set according to your requirements or how to adjust your bike to get the closest to the outcome of the performed fitting.

The width of the pedal spindle and the length of the cranks may be optionally optimised, which can sometimes make a tremendous difference.

If you suffer from saddle pain, even with a modified saddle width and bike refitting, and you cannot get rid of this, we can measure the saddle pressure, using the German GebioMized system. A saddle customised to your requirements can be made on the basis of the pressure points measured. Costing €70, the system may be combined with our Dynamic Bike Fitting and then will cost only €25.

It is important to "translate" the measurements to your bike and we have various tools for this operation. The Bike Settings Tool enables us to take the measurements as carefully as possible and reflect them in your bike settings as perfectly as possible. If one of the required settings is not feasible, we will do our utmost to get as close to it as is practicably possible. We also have an Ergomotion Calibrator available. If you have two bikes we can help ensure they are both adjusted the same way so you do not have to contend with a position switch between two different bikes.

The measurement is taken by the highly experienced shopowner Johan Wannijn, or his son, Joeri Wannijn, who has a Master's degree in physical education. If you suffer from any specific problems we can call upon the services of Ine Wannijn, Johan's daughter, a former professional cyclist, who has also completed the appropriate bike fitting training and currently has her own osteopathy practice.

If you would like to have a JOWAN Bike Fitting, please telephone us to arrange an appointment. 

2. JOWAN Bike sizing:

The right size for your new bicycle

Your cycling pleasure is mainly determined by whether your position and posture on your bike is the right one for you. When you buy a new bike, our job is to keep looking until we find the best size for your body.

  • Dynamic Bike Sizing:
    In the case of racing and mountain bikes, we bring our GURU Bikefinder tool into play. This computerised system sets up the bike you prefer in the light of its geometry. We adjust the saddle height whereupon you start pedalling. A click is all it takes to adjust your handlebars so they are higher or closer, and  you can feel the difference straight away as you carry on pedalling. The device immediately calculates the stem length and the number of spacers that have to be added underneath. If we discover that the bike should be smaller or larger according to your body size, this can be adjusted in a trice so you yourself will feel what the posture will be like on your new bike. Priced at €100, this session is unquestionably a real  advantage, as your position is a key factor when you pedal.
    Tip: it is best to bring along your cycling shoes when you are buying a new bike!
  • Static Bike Sizing:

    We use our measuring device for city or leisure bikes, where a software program specifies the perfect frame size in the light of the body measurement we take. The print-out of this operation helps us to place an order for a bike that best suits your needs.
    Priced at €60, including the use of the software, this measurement is free of charge for every new bike purchased.

‚ÄčWhen you come along to collect your new bike you may rest assured that all the settings have already been made. A double check and hey presto, off you go to enjoy years of cycling pleasure!

Atlas Mountain Race

Joeri returned from a spectacular trip in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Atlas Mountain Race is an ultra race, or rather, a ‘solo unsupported bikepacking event’. 1148km had to be covered in as little time as possible. More than 80% of the route were on rough off-road roads. You sleep when and where you want.
Joeri finished 8th (!) In Agadir after 4 days and 13 hours. Apart from a few flat tires, his custom DeAnima steel gravel bike did a perfect job.

#amr2020 #atlasmountainrace

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