*** ANNUAL HOLIDAYS | The shop is open again on Wednesday, October 11th ***


JOWAN is a bicycle shop located at the foot of the "Kluisberg" in Kluisbergen (Ruien). With its location on the border of the legendary Flemish Ardennes and the French-speaking Pays des Colines, the store is a perfect starting point for a beautiful bike ride. Since 1979, JOWAN is known for a unique range of products and a strong service. Pass by for a visit to experience our experience! 

As a family business we do everything "in house": bikefitting, mounting and maintaining your personalized bike. Next to our own brand, we have a wide range of exclusive brands for race and gravel bikes, mountainbikes, e-bikes, city bikes and kids' bikes. We offer bikes in standard sizes as well as tailor-made bikes. Jowan is also known for its fine selection of stylish yet functional equipment and accessories (Assos pro shop and different other brands). Together we look for the finest details!

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